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  • +233 200 608 404
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Based in Ghana, West Africa, Cambridge Capital Advisors Limited is a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-licensed investment bank which brings together seasoned industry specialists to connect investors with opportunities in Ghana and Africa.

Our mandate from clients covers the whole range of retail investments and corporate advisory services. We are differentiated by our leadership in the application of creative financial engineering models which balances risk and value creation to the development of structured investment and advisory products and services for our clients, adding cutting-edge value to traditional investment products and services.


Our vision is “To become the leading and preferred investment house for solutions focused on delivering real value to investors through balanced risk-reward opportunities in the alternative investments markets, and in doing so, create lasting value for our clients, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate” 

We plan to achieve this through continuous innovation in product design and development by leveraging cutting-edge, proprietary research and analytics models, combined with a rigorous asset selection regime and active portfolio management strategies beyond the traditional investment products and services.


Our core values are Trustworthiness, Relationships, Expertise, and Consistency and these are the reasons why our clients 

“…invest with confidence” at Cambridge Capital. They are what we stand for, and the expression, and active demonstration of these values underpins our clients’ faith in us. 

We therefore strive to foster these values in our recruitment processes, inculcate them in our staff, infuse them in our business processes and workflows, and hardcode them in our corporate culture. When we say to our clients that our values are Trustworthiness, Relationships, Expertise, and Consistency, we are saying;

  • Your trust in us is paramount: We take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously: It means first, that your money is safe with us, secondly, that we keep your transactions with us confidential, and third, that we will protect your interest at all times.
  • We want to have a close, long-lasting relationship with you by understanding where you have been, where you are now, and where you want to go. We will not let short-term considerations, difficulties, and challenges get in the way of building a close and long-lasting relationship with you.
  • Our interpretation of expertise is different from everybody else. Most experts will tell you what they think you should do with your money without your involvement. We are different. At Cambridge Capital, your ideas and preferences combined with our technical knowledge is what we call Expertise. It means working together for you.
  • In a long-term relationship, consistency is very important. It is about our being proactive, in delivering on our promises, and if for some reason we are not able to, in about being upfront with you. Consistency, in the end, is about clarity on all sides, management of our mutual expectations, and being honest about all these.